Sometimes it happens that the horse while lying down in the stall will bruise the point of the elbow so severely as to cause a soft, puffy tumor to form. If attended to at once it will generally yield to copious applications of hot or cold water; but if allowed to remain for some time it will be necessary to open it, and the best way is to pass a seaton through it from top to bottom. Some digestive should be used on the geaton, as cantharidine ointment or turpentine and oil. If the tumor becomes hard, it is best to dissect it out, and this will require some skill. In any case it will be necessary to remove the cause to prevent a return of the tumor.

Elbow Joint Lameness

This form of lameness is not of very frequent occurrence, but is very serious when it does occur. It may result from a fall, but is generally the result of getting the foot fast and twisting the joint. The horse will be very lame, will scarcely use the leg, and backs with great difficulty; the joint will also be swollen and painful.

Treatment. - Give complete rest; reduce the inflammation with cold water, then apply the ammoniacal liniment or a blister of cantharides made of one part of powdered cantharides and six parts of lard or vaseline The horse must be given ample time to recover before going to work, or there is danger of a return of the lameness.