This is an enlargement on the point of the hock, the result of external injury. Its most common cause is kicking against the side of the stall in the stable. At first the enlargement is soft and filled with bloody water, but if allowed to continue for a long time it becomes hard and calloused.

Treatment. - If taken at first when it is hot and painful, foment for an hour or more with hot water, then wipe dry and bathe thoroughly with the following: Tincture of arnica, aqua ammonia and distilled extract of witch hazel, equal parts, mixed. When the pain has been relieved, change to cold water, applying it only once a day, but apply the liniment three times a day. If absorption does not take place, the tumor may be punctured and then syringed out daily with carbolic acid, four drachms, and water, one pint. If after a time it becomes hard and calloused, the only resort is to have it dissected out, but this will require a veterinarian.