Liquids should be kept in bottles tightly corked. Powders also retain their virtues longer if kept in wide-mouthed bottles, well corked from the air. Each bottle, box, or package should be properly and plainly labeled, to prevent mistakes. All vessels in which medicines are mixed should be kept scrupulously clean. Medicines allowed to stand in tin or other metallic vessels not only lose their curative qualities, but sometimes become positively injurious.

Medicines - How to Mix Them

Wherever a medicine is recommended throughout this work without giving its mode of preparation, the formula, with full directions, will be found under this heading. The dose given here is always for grown animals; the dose for younger animals can be ascertained from the table on, Doses. Graduation of

Physic for Horses

Barbadoes aloes; dose, 1 ounce. The powdered aloes may be mixed into a ball with oil or glycerine, or they may be dissolved in a pint of warm water and given as a drench.

Raw linseed oil is sometimes used. Dose, 1 pint to a quart.

Physic for Cattle

Epsom salt is used, because of its prompt action. Dose. 1 to 2 pounds. Dissolve the salts in half a gallon or more of warm water, and give as a drench.

As a mild physic, raw linseed oil may be given in doses of from 1 to 2 quarts.

Melted lard may be used in the same quantities

Ammoniacal Liniment

Oil, raw linseed or olive; turpentine and aqua ammonia, equal parts, mixed. To blister, rub in well three times a day.

White Lotion (Healing)

Sugar of lead, 1 ounce; sulphate of zinc, 6 drachms; carbolic acid, 2 drachms; rain water, 1 quart. Apply to the wound two or three times a day with a syringe or a soft sponge.

Biniodide of Mercury Blister

Biniodide of mercury, 1 drachm; lard or vaseline, 1 ounce. Mix well together with a spatula. Rub in a small quantity with the hand for fifteen minutes; tie the horse's head up for twenty-four hours, then grease the blister and turn the horse loose.

Cantharidine Blister

Powdered cantharides, 1 drachm; lard or vaseline, 1 ounce. Mix and keep hot for one hour, but do not burn. Apply same as the biniodide of mercury.