When a case of acute founder has been neglected or improperly treated, or when there have been repeated attacks, the sensitive structures of the feet become permanently changed and we have chronic founder or laminitis.

Symptoms. - The hoofs become dry and brittle and the horse walks with a short, mincing step, and if the disease is well advanced he tries to throw his weight upon the heels of the affected feet. If the bottoms of the feet are examined there will often be found a partial separation of the wall from the sole.

Treatment. - Treatment can only be palliative. Remove the shoes and poultice the feet to remove the soreness, then apply the cantharidine blister around the coronet and turn the horse out on wet ground for a week or two if possible. In shoeing, the sole of the foot should not be cut away to allow the shoe to rest entirely upon the wall. A bar shoe to bring pressure upon the frog generally gives the best satisfaction.