Catarrh or Common Cold

Catarrh or cold is the result of exposure to cold or wet weather. Standing in damp, filthy stables or in a current of cold air are prolific sources of the disease.

Symptoms. - There will be poor appetite, staring coat, dry muzzle and a watery discharge from eyes and nostrils. The mucous membrane lining the nostrils will be red and inflamed, and sometimes this condition will extend to the throat and larynx and then there will be swelling of the throat and difficult breathing and sometimes a cough.

Treatment. - Place the animal in a warm, but well-ventilated stable, and if the weather is cold put on a blanket. Give a pint of lard or raw oil at once. Give the following drench every four hours until the muzzle becomes moist and there are signs of improvement. Sweet spirits of nitre, two ounces; nitrate of potash, four drachms; sulphate of cinchonida, one drachm; water, one pint. When there is well-marked improvement this may be reduced to three times a day. Steam the nostrils occasionally with boiling water to which an ounce of turpentine has been added. If the throat is sore or there is a cough apply the ammoniacal liniment, rubbing it in well three or four times a day, until the skin becomes sore. Give plenty of cold water to drink and feed on soft food as bran mash, boiled oats, vegetables and good, clean, sweet hay.