Inflammation of the Horses Bladder

This seldom occurs except in a mare where the bladder has been injured in delivering a large foal.

Symptoms. - The animal walks with a straddling gait and the urine is passed every few minutes but only in small quantities.

Treatment. - The same as in inflammation of the kidneys, except the mustard plaster should be omitted and the warm water should be injected into the vagina as well as the rectum. The animal should be kept as quiet as possible.

Bloody Urine in Horses

This is frequently the result of some injury; it may be from over exertion, It sometimes comes from some abnormal growth in the kidneys, or there may be a calculus (stone) in the bladder. In either of the latter it will require special treatment by a veterinarian.

Treatment. - In ordinary cases a dose of from one-half to one drachm of sugar of lead given three times a day, for a few days, will generally check it If the blood continues, or returns again after having been checked, it will be well to seek the services of a competent veterinarian.

Dribbling of Urine in Horses

This is due to a relaxing of the muscles that close the neck of the bladder. It is frequently seen in brood mares after difficult parturition. In such cases it is the result of severe and prolonged pressure on the parts in delivering a large foal. As each case will require special treatment according to the nature of the case, which can only be determined by an examination, the best plan will be to consult a competent veterinarian.