Inflammation of the Udder

This may occur in mares that are great milkers if the foal be not allowed to draw the milk away regularly: it may also come from catching cold by lying on the wet ground.

Treatment. - Bathe the udder freely with warm water, and either draw the milk all away or let the colt do it, then rub in thoroughly some of the following: Sweet oil, two ounces; fluid extract of lobelia, one ounce; mixed. This should be washed off again in half an hour to let the colt suck, as it is not likely to do so if the medicine is there. A few applications during the day will remove the trouble if the milk is drawn away often. Moderate exercise will assist greatly to remove it.

Rupture of the Perineum

This is a rupture of the tissues that separate the vagina from the rectum. It generally is the result of accident in parturition, but it may happen in the act of service. Very few cases can be treated successfully even by the experienced; hence it is useless for the novice to attempt it. Owners of such mares frequently become victims of medicine sharks" who go about the country performing miracles and gulling the people. "A hint to the wise is sufficient."