Sometimes when horses are barefooted and the sole of the hoof worn thin, small gravel will break through the sole and work up along the inside of the horny wall. If not removed the gravel will continue to work upward until it comes out above the hoof and may terminate in quittor if not attended to.

Symptoms. - In the beginning there will be lameness, as from a nail puncture or bruise of the sole. If the sole of the foot is pressed with a pair of pinchers the tender part may be located and, if not gone too far, the gravel may be found and removed; but, if not removed, in a week or two a slight swelling and tenderness may be seen at the top of the hoof.

Treatment. - If the gravel can be located at first and removed from the bottom, poultice the foot and treat as for bruise or puncture. But if the swelling begins to show at the top keep the foot in warm poultices to hasten the outlet at the top. When it breaks syringe it out carefully with carbolized water and endeavor to get it open below where the gravel entered. If this can be kept open it will soon heal. But if not it will have to be treated the same as quittor.