When a case of scratches has been neglected for a long time the blood becomes impure; the legs swell badly and a greasy, fetid matter oozes out through the pores of the skin and the horse often becomes quite lame.

Treatment. - Give the horse a dose of aloes sufficient to physic him, then give a heaping teaspoonful of nitrate of potash in bran mash three times a day. Apply a poultice of linseed meal dusted over with powdered charcoal once a day till the sores have a healthy appearance. If there is any proud flesh touch it with lunar caustic. When the sores are healthy apply the wash prescribed for scratches. The horse should be fed on cooling, laxative diet, and exercised, in a dry yard, enough to take the swelling down. If the case proves obstinate give the following internally: Iodide of potash, two ounces; Fowler's solution of arsenic, eight ounces; water, eight ounces; mix. Dose, two tablespoonfuls in a little water or on the feed twice a day. It is often very tedious to treat.