This occurs in a day or two after parturition and is the result of injury or from lying on the damp ground soon after foaling and catching cold.

Symptoms. - Arching the back and straining as in foaling; there will be a dark, watery discharge from the vagina; also, a loss of appetite, rapid pulse, high fever, and an anxious expression about the eyes. The mare will look back and show symptoms similar to those of colic.

Treatment. - Give from one to two pints of raw oil and one or two ounces of laudanum; and give two drachms of nitrate of potash and one drachm of sulphate of cinchonida every two hours until four doses have been given, then give every four hours till recovery. Wash the uterus out with warm water, then inject a pint of water in which has been dissolved ten grains of corrosive sublimate. This should be done two or three times a day. Keep the mare in a comfortably warm and dry box stall. Give all the water she wants to drink.