Injury to the knee joint may occur in various ways. As a sprain it may be from stepping in a hole; but bruises and cuts of the knee often happen from falling on rough, frozen or rocky ground, and from striking the knee against some hard object when running.

Symptoms. - If a sprain, there will be heat, swelling and stiffness of the joint; and in walking there will be a shoving motion of the leg as if trying to bend the knee joint as little as possible. Bruises and cuts are apparent and need no other explanation

Treatment - If a sprain, reduce the swelling as much as possible, then apply a blister made of one part biniodide of mercury and six of lard or vaseline. Bruises and cuts should have an application two or three times a day of White Lotion. This not only heals the cuts, but it also removes the soreness from the contused parts. If the cut should happen to be deep enough to open the synovial sac and allow the escape of the " joint water," see Open Joint.

Knee Sprung

This is not a disease, but only a symptom of some disease, as sore tendons, bruised heels, corns or some other affection, to relieve which the horse stands with his knees bent forward. Examine for the cause and, when ascertained, see treatment, under its proper heading.