This is a chronic discharge from one or both nostrils. It may be the result of neglected case of strangles or it may come from some injury to the bones of the head. Sometimes a decaying tooth will cause it.

Symptoms. - A whitish or yellowish discharge from one or both nostrils, but does not adhere and close up the nostrils like that of glanders. If there is a very bad odor it is the result of diseased bone or decayed teeth. The teeth should always be examined. An enlargement can sometimes be seen on the outside of the bones.

Treatment. - If the discharge comes from a diseased tooth, the tooth must be removed by trephining, an operation which requires the skill of a surgeon. But, if the discharge is only due to an inflammation of the membrane lining the nasal chamber, it may sometimes be dried up by giving two drachms of sulphate of copper and five grains or powdered cantharides twice a day,and blistering the out side of the nasal bones with biniodide of mercury, one drachm, and lard, one ounce. Feed the animal well to build up the system.