Pleurisy is inflammation of the membrane covering the lungs and lining the thoracic cavity. It is often complicated with pneumonia. The causes are the same in both.

Symptoms. - The symptoms are somewhat similar to those of pneumonia. In addition there is a short, hacking, suppressed cough, and the breathing is shorter. There is always a hollow place passing from the flank downward and forward along the lower ends of the ribs, known as the pleuritic ridge, and when you attempt to move the horse he acts as if stiff and gives a short grunt at every step. He does not lie down, even at night.

Treatment. - Same as in pneumonia. If there is great prostration two drachms of muriate of ammonia should be added to each dose of nitre, and, if the heart is labored, twenty drops of tincture of digitalis may be given three times a day. If this disease is taken at the start it generally yields to treatment, but if allowed to run four or five days the chest begins to fill with fluid and then it becomes serious, and requires the most skillful treatment.