Quittor may be defined as fistula of the foot. It is a fistulous opening formed in the sensitive part of the foot between the internal structures and the horny wall. It may come from nail punctures, bruises or any other wounds of the foot, especially if neglected and the pus allowed to burrow.

Symptoms. - It begins with a hard and painful swelling at the top of the hoof, which breaks open in time and discharges pus. Sometimes the entire coronet will swell and openings will form in different places; pipes form and the openings will not heal.

Treatment. - Remove the shoe and cut in from the bottom of the foot to ascertain if the pus cavity reaches low down. If an exit for the pus can be found below, the sinuses may not have to be opened above. But if nothing can be reached from the bottom, probe the sinuses from above and open them up carefully, cutting through the walls of the hoof if necessary, only take good care not to divide the coronary ligament at the top of the hoof. When they are all open, syringe into them once a day till all unhealthy growth is destroyed, a little of the following: Chloride of zinc, one drachm; water, one ounce; mix. If the dead tissues do not slough out readily apply poultices for a day or two; powdered charcoal dusted over the poultice will add to its cleansing effect. When the sore is healthy dissolve four drachms of chloride of zinc in one pint of water and use as a daily dressing and it will heal readily.