This muscle is situated at the outer edge of the front part of the hind leg between the stifle and the hock joint. A severe sprain and even a rupture sometimes takes place from slipping in heavy pulling.

Symptoms. - The lameness is very great and accompanied by the most excruciating pain. The animal cannot bring the leg forward and in attempting to walk breaks down in the lame leg at every step, the pain causing profuse sweating and trembling of the entire body. When the animal raises the foot from the ground the leg swings backward, causing the skin on the back part of the thigh to be thrown up in loose folds.

Treatment. - Endeavor first to allay the pain. Give one or two ounces of laudanum in three times its bulk of water. You cannot drench unless you can do it while the animal is down. Bathe the front part of the thigh with hot water, then apply laudanum, fluid extract of lobelia, camphor or anything else at hand to relieve the pain. After twenty-four to forty-eight hours when the pain has subsided apply a cantharidine blister down the front of the leg from the stifle to the hock, but do not make it too severe. The blister may need to be repeated in two or three weeks. Give the animal complete rest in a box stall; do not tie it up. Mild cases recover in a month or two; very severe cases may take a year or more.