Sweeny, sometimes called "shoulder slip," is of common occurence in young horses, especially when put to work by the side of an older and stronger horse. It is due to injury of the muscles which pass down over the outside of the shoulder blade; occasionally other muscles are involved.

Symptoms. - The animal sometimes tries to favor the injured shoulder in pulling; when out of the harness there is a dragging or swinging motion to the leg; when weight is put upon the leg in walking, there is a bulging out of the shoulder joint In the course of a week the muscles of the shoulder will begin to waste away.

Treatment. - If there is undue heat about the shoulder, shower the affected part several times a day with cold water until the inflammation subsides; then, if the muscles have not commenced to shrink, apply the following twice a day down the shoulder blade and around the joint: Distilled extract of witch hazel, tincture of arnica and spirits of camphor, equal parts, mixed. If the muscles are shrunken apply the ammoniacal liniment to the same parts twice a day, rubbing it in well until the skin becomes sore, then stop a few days, when the liniment should be repeated. Give complete rest until all lameness ceases, then light driving will not hurt him.