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Horse Books

Stories and Reference Books on Horses

-Diseases Of The Horse's Foot | by H. Caulton Reeks
Stimulated by the reception accorded my 'Common Colics of the Horse,' both in this country and in America, and assured by my publishers that a work on diseases of the foot was needed, I have been led to give to the veterinary profession the present volume.
-The Horse | by Isaac Phillips Roberts
The American inherits from his European, and especially his English ancestor, a sincere love for the horse. This love has amounted to adoration in some cases. The family horse, if he outlived his master, inherited under the will a sufficient amount for luxurious support during life and a costly interment and monument at death, the same as the children...
-The Horse - Its Treatment In Health And Disease Vol2-3 | by J. Wortley Axe
The Digestive System - Its Diseases And Injuries. Diseases Of The Lips.The Urinary Apparatus. The Nervous System. The Absorbent System. The Organs Of Circulation. The Blood. The Organs Of Respiration And The Respiratory Process.
-The Horse - Its Treatment In Health And Disease Vol4-5 | by J. Wortley Axe
The Organs Of Respiration. Diseases Of The Lungs. Constitutional Diseases. Rheumatism. Contagious Diseases. Influenza Of Horses. The Organs Of Reproduction. Anatomy Of The Male Organs Of Generation. The Eye. Anatomy Of The Eye. The Skin (Integument) And Its Appendages. Parasitic Diseases Of The Horse. Introductory. Organs Of Locomotion - Bones. Composition Of Bone. Fractures. Articulations Of Joints. The Muscular System.
-The Horse - Its Treatment In Health And Disease Vol6-7 | by J. Wortley Axe
Diseases Of The Joints, Muscles, Tendons, And Ligaments. Dislocations. Diseases Of The Feet. Sand Crack. Defective Action And Injuries Arising Out Of It. Stringhalt. Wounds And Their Treatment. Wounds. First Aid To The Sick And Injured. Medicines. Nursing. The Nurse. Poisoning. Veterinary Hygiene. Operations. Means Of Restraint.
-The Horse - Its Treatment In Health And Disease Vol8-9 | by J. Wortley Axe
Equine Locomotion. Breeding. The Stud. Horse Training. Stables. The Buildings And Fittings. Examination Of Horses As To Soundness. The Teeth Of The Horse. Number And Arrangement. Warranty. Horse-Shoeing. The Transit Of Horses. The Horse And Its Position In The Animal World. The History Of The Horse. Horses Of The Past.
-The Stable Book: Being A Treatise On The Management Of Horses | by John Stewart
In Relation To Stabling, Grooming, Feeding, Watering And Working-Construction Of Stables, Ventilation, Stable Appendages, Management Of The Feet. Management Of Diseased And Defective Horses.
-Stable Management And Exercise | by M. Horace Hayes
A book for horse-owners and students.
-The Practical Horse Keeper | by George Fleming
This little work is intended as a guide to those who have to do with horses, either as owners, purchasers, breeders, trainers, managers, or attendants, and whose experience has not been so extensive as those on whose knowledge it is based. There is no pretence whatever to novelty in any of the subjects treated; but it is to be hoped that such absence of novelty will not detract from utility, and that the hints contained in its pages may be found of service, and assist those who are interested in horses and horse management when they require assistance.
-The Farmers Ready Reference Or Hand Book Of Diseases Of Horses And Cattle | by S. C. Orr
In preparing this little volume, the aim has been to make it just what its title implies, namely, a ready reference. The average farmer, with the many cares of agricultural life upon his mind, has no time to read elaborate works upon the scientific treatment of disease and store away knowledge for future use in the case of an emergency, as does the practitioner who has had the advantage of a collegiate course in veterinary science, but, on the contrary, he needs something to which he can refer with the shortest possible delay in the immediate time of need. With this in mind, the object has been to avoid everything that savored only of unproven theory; to make use of no mystifying technicalities; but to set forth every detail in as plain and concise a manner as possible.
-Hints To Purchasers Of Horses | by Charles Knight
The following little Treatise is intended to convey a correct idea of the proper shape and action of the horse and also, by pointing out the various imperfections to which he is subject, as well as the best method of discovering those defects, to render the purchase of the animal, usually considered an affair of hazard, a matter of comparative security.
-Training Young Horses To Jump | by Geoffre Brooke
There are many branches of horsemanship and horse-training. In order to excel in any branch we must have method and a combination of theory and practice. It has been the author's duty as an instructor at the Cavalry School to study the subject thoroughly, and in placing his experience and methods before the public he is voluntarily giving away valuable knowledge.
-Things Worth Knowing About Horses | by Harry Hieover
This an intersting book from 1859 which talks about many of the Things Worth Knowing About Horses. Training, treatment and types of horses.

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