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Animal Books

Stories and Reference Books on Dogs, Cats, Horses, Pets, Birds, Fish, etc.

Part I: Cats

-Cat Books
Stories and reference books for cat lovers and care takers

Part II: Birds

-Bird Books
Manual books on birds with Illustrations

Part III: Dogs

-Dog Books
Stories and Reference Books on Dogs

Part IV: Horses

-Horse Books
Stories and Reference Books on Horses

Part V: Bees

-Bees, Bee Keeping and Honey Making
Reference Books and Stories on Bees, Honey and Bee Keeping

Part VI: Other

-Manual Of Zoology | by Henry Alleyne Nicholson
For the use of students with a general introduction on the principles of Zoology
-A Manual Of British Vertebrate Animals | by Leonard Jenyns
Or descriptions of all the animals belonging to the classes, mammalia, aves, reptilia, amphibia, and pisces, which have been hitherto observed in the British Islands: including the domesticated, naturalized, and extirpated species : the whole systematically arranged.
-General Outline Of The Organization Of The Animal Kingdom, And Manual Of Comparative Anatomy | by Thomas Rymer Jones
The object of the writer of the present work has been twofold: first, to lay before the Naturalist a complete view of the organization and physiological relations of every class of living beings; and secondly, to offer to the Anatomical Student a succinct account of the structure and development of the vital organs through all the modifications they present in the long series of the animal creation. Such were the intentions of the Author, as announced at the commencement of his undertaking; and the reception the first edition received at the hands of the public has been such as to afford gratifying proof that his efforts to facilitate the progress of the cultivators of a science the importance of which is becoming every day more conspicuous have not been unsuccessful...
-Forms Of Animal Life | by George Rolleston, W. Hatchett Jackson
Being outlines of zoological classification based upon anatomical investigation and illustrated by descriptions of specimens and of figures
-The Goldfish And Its Systematic Culture With A View To Profit | by Hugo Mulertt
A practical treatise on the fish, its propagation, enemies, diseases, - and - care of the fish in captivity, together with hints on the construction of ponds, etc.
-Knowledge For The People Or, The Plain Why And Because | by John Timbs
Familiarizing subjects of useful curiosity and amusing research
-Kittens: A Family Chronicle | by Svend Fleuron
Those who have been content to regard the cat merely, aesthetically, as a household ornament, economically, as a mouse-killer, or fantastically, as an adjunct of witchcraft, will doubtless read this book with some surprise. For Svend Fleuron has imagined (or observed) a cat more or less cut off from relationship with men, bringing up her kittens in the fields, against all the odds that any wild animal, surrounded by the destructive terrors of nature, has to face. If this novel were a true picture of human life, it would show, relentlessly and bitterly, how nature overcame the mother and her children. As, however, it is a picture of cat life, the end is a happy one...
-Stories of Animal Sagacity | by William Henry Giles Kingston
300+ tales of how clever various individual animals have been seen to be, and in most cases a little moral is drawn from the story. The book includes 60 illustrations.
-Concerning Animals And Other Matters | by E. H. Aitken
Edward Hamilton Aitken, the author of the following sketches, was well known to the present generation of Anglo-Indians, by his pen-name of Eha, as an accurate and amusing writer on natural history subjects. Those who were privileged to know him intimately, as the writer of this sketch did, knew him as a Christian gentleman of singular simplicity and modesty and great charm of manner. He was always ready to help a fellow-worker in science or philanthropy if it were possible for him to do so...

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