Crown and throat black; fore-neck and breast ferruginous; lore, and a double longitudinal line on the sides of the neck, white.

Anas ruficollis, Temm. Man. d'Orn. torn. 11. p. 826. Red-breasted Goose, Mont. Orn. Diet. Bew. Brit. Birds, vol. 11. p. 280. Selb. Must. vol. 11. p. 275. pl. 46.


Entire length twenty-one inches. Mont.


Forehead, crown, list down the back of the neck, throat, and a band extending upwards to the eyes, black: between the bill and the eye, a large oval white spot; behind the eye, and surrounding a large patch of orange-brown on the side of the neck, a list of white, which is further extended, and forms a line of division between the orange-brown and black of the lower neck: fore part of the neck, and breast, fine orange-brown; the latter margined by a list of black, and another of white; a second bar of white immediately before the shoulders: back, belly, quills and tail, black: abdomen, vent, thighs, upper and under tail-coverts, pure white: greater wing-coverts black, edged with white: bill reddish brown; the nail black: legs blackish brown, tinged with red. Selb. (Egg). Unknown.

A very rare and accidental visitant in this country. According to Montagu, one was shot near London in 1766, and another taken alive in Yorkshire about the same time. Other specimens are stated to have been killed in 'Cambridgeshire during the severe winter of 1813. It has also occurred in Norfolk. Inhabits the North of Asia, about the shores of the Frozen Sea. Appears in Russia as a regular bird of passage. Said to breed in the northern parts of that country.