Dorsals remote; the second with the posterior rays longest: eyes closely approximating.

G. gracilis, Jen. Cat. of Brit. Vert. An. 25. sp. 63. Slender Goby, Yarr. Brit. Fish. vol. i. p. 260.


Three inches two lines.


(Form). Closely resembling the last species, but more elongated and slender throughout: greatest depth barely one-seventh of the whole length: snout rather longer: opercle approaching more to triangular, the lower angle being more cut away, and the ascending margin more oblique; a larger space between it and the pectorals: the two dorsals further asunder: rays of the second dorsal longer; these rays also gradually increasing in length, instead of decreasing, the posterior ones being the longest in the fin, and rather more than equalling the whole depth: rays of the anal in like manner longer than in the G. minutus:

D. 6 - 12; A. 12; C. 13, and 2 short; P. 21; V. 12: in all other respects similar. (Colours). Also resembling those of the last, with the exception of the anal and ventral fins, which are dusky, approaching to black in some places, instead of plain white, as in the G. minutus.

B B 2

Apparently a new species; though probably of not less frequent occurrence than the last, with which it may be easily confounded. My specimens were obtained from Colchester, and were supposed to have been taken somewhere off the Essex coast.