Upper plumage deep grayish brown: throat, neck, and breast, ferruginous red.

Sylvia provincialis, Temm. Man. d'Orn. torn. i. p. 211. S. Dartford-iensis, Mont, in Linn, Trans. vol. ix. p. 191. Dartford Warbler, Mont. Orn. Diet, and Supp. Selb. Illust. vol. I. p. 219. pl. 46. f. 6. Bew. Brit. Birds, vol. I. p. 234.


Entire length five inches six lines. Mont. Descript. (Male). All the upper parts dark grayish brown: cheeks cinereous: throat, neck, and breast, deep ferruginous, inclining to purple; sides the same, but not so bright; middle of the belly white: quills dusky; the outer webs edged with dark cinereous, the inner with dark reddish brown: tail blackish brown; the outer feather tipped, and edged externally, with white: bill yellowish white at the base, black at the tip: feet yellowish. (Female and young). Colours paler: throat more or less speckled and streaked with white. (Egg). Greenish white ground, speckled all over with olivaceous brown and cinereous; the markings most numerous at the larger end: long. diam. eight lines; trans, diam. five lines and a half.

* The comparison was made with a specimen of S. rufa named by Temminck himself, and sent by him to Mr Gould, to whose kindness I am indebted for it.

A local species; found in Kent, Middlesex, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Devonshire, Cornwall, and a few other parts of England. Remains in this country throughout the year. Haunts chiefly downs and furzy commons. Feeds on insects. "Nest somewhat similar to that of the Whitethroat; artfully concealed in the thickest bushes. Young broods fledged in May.