Ventrals small, placed before the middle.

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According to Pennant, a fish of this genus was caught in June 1765, at a small distance below Caermarthen, in the river Towy. A second individual is said to have occurred in July 1823, in the Bristol channel, ten miles from Bridgewater*. Others are recorded to have been seen off Portland Island, in August 1825, by a vessel going down channel †. Although referred, by Pennant, in the first instance, to the E. volitans of Linnseus, in none of these cases does the species appear to have been determined with certainty. Pennant seems to suppose his to be the one so common in the Mediterranean: but, according to Cuvier, this last is the E. eociliens of Bloch‡ , which is distinguished from the E. volitans by its much longer ventrals, placed beyond the middle of the body. For this reason I have not annexed any detailed description.

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This species, or at least a fish bearing the same name, is included by Sibbald in his list of Scottish fishes*, but it is not said on what authority. Possibly some other species (perhaps the Burbot) may be intended. At any rate it is not likely that it should exist in that country at the present day, as from its great size, it would in that case hardly have been for so long a time overlooked by our naturalists. It is the largest fresh-water fish found in Europe, attaining the weight of from one to two hundred pounds and upwards. It is met with in the rivers of Germany, Hungary, and other parts of the Continent.