The New York Herald Tribune has established an Institute for Women through the initiative and guidance of Mrs. William Brown Meloney. This Institute, which is sponsored by an Advisory Council of notable specialists in homemaking and child health, recently has added a new project - "The Institute Kitchen" commonly called the "Dr. Gilbreth Kitchen" after its planner. In discussing the new project Mrs. Meloney states:

Whatever else happens in the family, it must be fed. In no home is it a simple project. America spends millions daily on food. It is one of the costly items of life, and with unwise handling one of the biggest leaks in the family pocket-book - not only in money but in health and family peace.

For this reason we have not only set up a model kitchen to simplify the labor of feeding the family, but we have also made it a joy to labor therein. We have asked two of the best nutrition specialists in America to cooperate with us in the field of nutrition. . '. . .1