The first impression of a house and its occupants comes as one enters the front door into the hall. Thus, nowhere in the entire house is it more important to strike the right keynote in furnishings and decoration. If there is no closet in the hall for wraps and umbrellas, it will be necessary to have, in some obscure corner, a wooden strip painted the same color as the woodwork, in which are .... hooks, placed low enough so that the young members of the family can reach them.

A Suggested List Of Hall Furnishings

Floor Coverings

Rugs, long runners, square or oblong, depending on the shape of the hall, of Wilton, Brussels, Axminster, wool braided, or any short-nap carpet, preferably in small design.

Linoleum in plain colors or large tile squares.

It is entirely a matter of choice as to whether stairs be carpeted or un-carpeted. Stair carpet should, if used, match hall rugs or carpet.


Small or medium size, in any of the hardwoods or painted softwoods, drop-leaf, square, oblong, or console shape.


Antique gilt, wood and gilt combined, plain wood, or in frame painted to match table.


One or two straight chairs, with or without rush, cane, or upholstered seats, in any of the hardwoods or dark-painted furniture.

Low-Boy Or Table With Drawers

In any of the hardwoods or dark-painted furniture. For gloves, string, scissors, pencils, paper, etc.

Large Chest

In oak, walnut, mahogany, or painted or stained to match the woodwork, for overshoes, etc.

1 For information on color see Goldstein, Art in Every Day Life, pp. 184-220; also Wright and McElroy, House & Garden's Book of Color Schemes.

2 Adapted from How To Furnish the Small Home. Better Homes in America, 1929. The kitchen and kitchen equipment will be discussed in the following chapter.

3 It should be understood that very few of the following pieces would be needed or could be accommodated in the hall of the small home.

Telephone-Stand And Small Chair

To correspond with other furniture if the telephone is in the hall.


Should be few, framed in antique gold or dark wood frames. Types: Samplers, engravings, etchings, or prints of interest to all.


Card-tray of wood, silver, or brass, and a stone or pottery vase for flowers or branches are all that will be needed.

A plain pottery or composition jar, harmonizing with walls and carpets, is appropriate for umbrellas.