Home-information centers have been organized in many of the New England states. Among the cities where well-organized centers now are in operation are Springfield, Cambridge, Holyoke, Waltham, and Boston of Massachusetts, and Providence and Newport of Rhode Island. In a number of other communities centers are in process. The purpose and activities of these centers are outlined in the following paragraphs taken from the organization's folder:

The activities of the Home Information Centers vary with the character of the community. All centers give information as requested by individuals and advice on the local opportunities for special training. At most centers classes in homemaking subjects are conducted. It is, however, the policy of the American Homemakers, Inc., to provide such classes only when the opportunity is lacking elsewhere in the community.

The essentials of a Home Information Center are:

A Director who has had special training, or intelligent homemaking experience, or both. She may be a paid or volunteer worker, but in either case she should feel the importance of her work, should know the needs and resources of her community and should meet family and personal problems with common sense and discretion.

The Home Information Center can be of immediate and practical service to men and women, whatever their income and previous education.

The Centers already established are serving as a source or channel for authentic and specific information on the house, its furnishings, equipment, and care; the individual and family income, its apportionment and use; the problems of food, clothing, recreation, child care, and child training. The Centers serve also as an "opportunity school" for active or prospective homemakers, wherein the instruction is adapted to the present needs of the individuals, as a cooperative center for all organizations dealing with the home, and as a clearing house for community opportunities.

The headquarters of the movement are located at the Eastern States Exposition Grounds, Springfield, Massachusetts. Mrs. James J. Storrow is president.