It has been proved that furnishings and color produce either desirable or disastrous effects upon the sensitive minds of children. As all children's rooms are usually a combination of bedroom, playroom, and study, it is well to keep in mind colors, design, arrangement, and practicality for all purposes.

To most children, a spotty or too often repeated design is distracting. Blues and violets soothe, while reds, yellows, and sometimes greens are exciting and stimulating colors.

Boy's Room

While there should be no frills, light fabrics, or woodwork for boys to soil and mar, their rooms may still be made interesting, even beautiful; but convenience and masculinity should be kept foremost in mind.

Girl's Room

A girl's room, on the other hand, should be dainty, and bright. Her personality, even at a very tender age, will clearly be disclosed by the way she cares for her room. There is no need of a great expenditure of money in buying furniture or hangings for a girl's room. Some of the cheaper fabrics and simplest furniture will make the most charming room.