The Range

The choice of a range depends largely upon the cost of the fuels available in your locality. If oil must be your choice you may wish to consider an oil range with a built-in oven. The latest development in gas ranges is the use of the insulated oven, an important factor in maintaining a cool kitchen.....

In some kitchens, the placement of the range is governed by the location of a flue. However, if no flue is provided, it is possible to locate the range in a more desirable position, for example, in a corner between two windows. If a range is so placed, it is possible, by opening the windows, to ventilate the range section of the kitchen with a fair degree of efficiency. Care must be taken, however, to place the windows sufficiently high to prevent a direct draft of air from blowing out the flame.

The Sink

There is a wide choice possible when you are planning to buy a sink. You will find stain-resisting enamel in white or a variety of colors. In choosing a piece of permanent equipment like a sink, remember that the color you choose must be in harmony with the color scheme of the room and one of which you will not tire. Chromium plated faucets are in use on many of the new sinks and meet unqualified approval from housekeepers because they are stainless. A dishwashing sink represents a most modern type and may be obtained in white or colored enamel also.

1 Adapted from Convenient Kitchens. Good Housekeeping Institute, 1929.

The sink may be placed directly alongside the range. Obviously, the window above must be sufficiently high to permit installing the sink at a proper height for the worker. Another convenient location for the sink is between two built-in kitchen cabinets with a window over it, to insure proper light. This arrangement is often found immediately adjoining the dining room door.

The Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are made either of wood or of metal; both are satisfactory and the choice between them is entirely a personal one. These cabinets also come in a variety of colors and in many different arrangements and combinations, among which you are sure to find the particular arrangement which best suits your needs.

The main work center or working cabinet may be placed directly opposite the sink and range, leaving sufficient space between it and the exterior wall for the refrigerator. Storage cabinets located at the right of the sink will provide storage space for pots and pans within a few feet of the range and also near enough to the sink to enable replacement of clean utensils without extra steps.

Another arrangement of cabinet space is one where you will find all of the cabinets assembled along one wall with a sink and dishwasher in the center, a refrigerator at one end and a broom closet at the other. This arrangement is considerably more compact and oftentimes provides greater storage area than any other arrangement. In order to realize this latter plan, it is necessary to use considerable foresight as the units invariably are factory built.

The Broom And Cleaning Supply Cabinet

"A place for everything and everything in its place" certainly applies to the cleaning equipment of any household. Cabinet manufacturers build a special unit to accommodate this type of equipment. In this unit may be kept mops, brooms, brushes, dust cloths, the vacuum cleaner and possibly a floor polishing machine as well as cans of wax, polish, etc. .... A small closet in the kitchen or in some convenient part of the house may easily be fitted up to accommodate your cleaning equipment if you do not wish to purchase a cabinet for this purpose. In any case, once you have placed all of your cleaning equipment in one place you will be delighted with the convenience which it will afford.

Electric Dishwashers

The modern kitchen should have up-to-date equipment for washing dishes. For the new house, the obvious purchase is the dishwasher which is a part of the sink. Several types are available.

For the old house, where a new sink is not to be considered, portable dishwashers may be used. These may be installed or used in front of the sink with the swinging spout of your sink as your water supply and the sink proper for a drain. Some of these are low enough to roll beneath the sink when not in use.

The Sink And Dishwashing

Many sinks now have drainboards cast in one piece with the sink. If separate wooden drainboards are used they should be kept varnished. A combination faucet for hot and cold water is very convenient. In the single drainboard sink there is a tendency to pack soiled dishes in the sink around the dish pan, and it is here that the nicking and breaking occur. If the soiled dishes could be neatly packed at the right of the worker and washed toward the left, or vice versa, depending upon the position of the dining room door, there would be no tendency to crowd the dishes in the sink and breakage is actually reduced. If there is no wall space for a double drainboard sink, a small table on casters will serve as the drainboard for the soiled dishes.

The Kitchen Table Versus The Service Wagon

In most kitchens, serving surface is at a premium and a small kitchen table in addition to the cabinet is therefore helpful. If casters have been put on the legs, the table can be wheeled from place to place as it is needed. The service wagon has quite a different function. When there are no servants, it is a constant help to the hostess in many ways.....

A service wagon should not take the place of a kitchen table, however, because it is too low in height and not stable enough. Use it as a serving table for food ready to go to dining room.