(1) Requirements

In the dining room the requirements to be met are particularly definite.

a) Good illumination on the table itself.

b) Soft but adequate illumination on the faces of the diners.

c) A lower intensity of illumination throughout the remainder of the room. (2) Approved practice. - The following fixtures can be used either singly or in combination.

a) Domes should be of such shape and hung so as to conceal the light source from the eyes of persons seated at the table.

b) The central candelabra is least effective in meeting the requirements of dining room lighting. The light sources should be shaded to avoid glare and direct the light on the table.

c) Showers are satisfactory if great care is taken to suspend them at the correct height and to shade them so that bare light sources are not exposed to the eye.

d) Semi-indirect bowls are satisfactory from the standpoint of comfort but they do not give the pleasing contrast of light and shade which is desirable.

e) Portable lamps meet all the requirements provided they are properly shaded.

f) Wall brackets are merely decorative and should be sufficiently shaded so as not to annoy the diners.