The contractor who is faced with the possibility of continuing operations during the winter months should ponder on the following statements issued by the New York Building Congress:

1. The direct additional costs due to construction carried on in cold weather are but a small percentage of the total cost of a building.

2. Such direct winter costs are more than offset by savings in other ways.

The indirect savings which more than counterbalance winter costs may be enumerated as follows:

1. Labor bonuses are eliminated.

2. Labor turnover is reduced.

3. Spread in overhead expense of contractors throughout the year reduces organization and equipment costs.

4. Tendency of contractors to lower their margin of profit with the idea in mind of securing sufficient work to keep their organizations intact during the winter months.

1 From Akron Builders' Bulletin, December, 1925.

$. Seasonal discounts on materials.

6. Seasonal rates by transportation companies in order to relieve the congested periods.

7. Saving in interest and taxes on investments lying idle.

8. Earlier return on investment.

Contractors who still conform to old customs must now conform themselves upon the possibilities for continuing work throughout the winter months or lose out in the race with men who are more modern in their ideas and practice.