(1) Requirements

Whether it is called the living room, parlor, library or den the lighting of this room should receive special attention since this is where the social life of the home is centered. The widely diversified uses call for different combinations and arrangements of the lighting.

a) For general purposes the most comfortable and useful arrangement is to have a medium intensity of general illumination supplemented with more brilliant light sources at various points.

b) When used for large gatherings, it is desirable to have a relatively high intensity of evenly distributed general illumination.

c) When used by only one or two persons it is often preferable to have no general lighting with merely a certain area illuminated.

(2) Approved Practice

In most cases ceiling fixtures or concealed indirect light sources should be used for general illumination, portable lamps for local lighting, and wall brackets and portable lamps for decorative effect.

a) Ceiling fixtures such as candelabras, semi-indirect bowls and showers should be shaded to softly diffuse the light and widely distribute it to all parts of the room.

B) Portables

There are innumerable styles of table lamps, desk lamps and floor lamps suitable for reading, working at desks, sewing, playing games, music, etc. In selecting these, utility need not be sacrificed for attractiveness. They should be so shaded as to eliminate glare completely.

c) Wall brackets and small decorative portables greatly assist in artistic effect, but they should generally be restricted to this use alone.