1. General Information On Designing And Planting

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Principles of design for city and country grounds; garden architecture; planting and maintenance in connection with design. Many diagrams of garden plans.

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Garden designs and information on wild gardens, water gardens, and herbaceous borders.

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Information on various types of gardens, planning and planting, kinds of plants, shrubs, and trees.

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Contains information on planting, transplanting, and propagation with notes on important shrubs.

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Information on lawns, soils, fertilizers, plant diseases, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and other subjects.

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Principles of design including information on areas, formal and informal gardens, soils, choice and arrangement of plant material, and other subjects.

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Information on planning and planting grounds with planting plans and diagrams.

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2. Flower Gardens, Trees, And Shrubs

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Simple and practical information on all phases of modern gardening. Includes planting list for a ten-dollar garden.

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Includes information on soil, plan, garden accessories, flowers for the little garden, color, and care of garden and garden tools.

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Care, planting, culture, propagation, and varieties.

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U.S. Department of Agriculture:1

Arbor Day - Its Purpose and Observance (Farmers' Bull. 1492).

Chrysanthemums for the Home (Farmers' Bull. 1311).

Dahlias for the Home (Farmers' Bull. 1370).

Growing Annual Flowering Plants (Farmers' Bull. 1171).

Herbaceous Perennials (Farmers' Bull. 1381).

Planting the Roadside (Farmers' Bull. 1481).

Roses for the Home (Farmers' Bull. 750).

Transplanting Trees and Shrubs (Farmers' Bull. 1591).

Trees for Roadside Planting (Farmers' Bull. 1482).

Trees for Town and City Streets (Farmers' Bull. 1208).

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Detailed information on care and culture of various annuals, perennials, shrubs, roses, etc.

3. Special Types Of Gardens

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4. Vegetable Gardens

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Guide for work with vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

[Note. - Information on plants and planting usually may be obtained upon request from the State Colleges of Agriculture.]

1 All obtainable from the Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.