The undermentioned are the best of the ordinary descriptions of timber to use for the purposes named.


Oak, beech, elm.


Chestnut, acacia, larch.

Great Strength In Construction

Teak, oak, greenheart, Dantzic fir, pitch pine.

Durable In Wet Positions

Oak, beech, elm, teak, alder, plane, acacia, greenheart.

Large Timbers In Carpentry

Memel, Dantzic, and Riga fir.

Oak, chestnut, Bay mahogany, pitch pine, or teak, may be used if easily obtainable.


Christiania, St. Petersburg, Onega, Archangel, make the best; Gefle and spruce inferior kinds; Dram battens wear well; pitch pine, oak, or teak, where readily procurable, for floors to withstand great wear.


American yellow pine for the best; Christiania white deals are also used.

Interior Joinery

American red and yellow pine; oak, pitch pine, and mahogany for superior or ornamental work.

Window Sills, Sleepers

Oak; mahogany where cheaply procurable.

Treads Of Staii-S

Oak, teak.


Ash, beech.


American yellow pine, alder, mahogany, Cowslie pine.