In (a) and (b), Fig. 19, are shown the plan and elevation of a strong stairway, such as may be required for a shop or factory; a and b are newels, 6 inches square, to which 4" X 1 1/2" hand rails c and d are fastened and braced with one or more uprights e. At (c) is shown a section of the hand rail. Hard-wood treads g, 2 inches thick, are mortised 1 inch into 3-inch timber stringers, tightly fitted into the mortises and well spiked, but not wedged. The soffit may be ceiled with matched lining, as at f.

24 Plank Stairway 26

Fig. 18.

24 Plank Stairway 27


24 Plank Stairway 2824 Plank Stairway 29


Fig. 19.