35. In Fig. 27 is shown a plan of a quarter-platform open-stringer stairway with 4-inch square newels framed in the angles, the handrails making straight connections with the newels, as shown in Fig. 28. The position of the platform beams a and b and of floorbeam c at the landing must be such that a good bearing is secured for the carriage timbers at d, e and f, g. The platform beam b must be brought forward to give a support of about \ inch for the newel. The elevation, shown in Fig. 28, is projected from the plan, and shows the relative position of the newels, hand rails, balusters, and step trim; the latter is composed of l" x 1/4" fillets, nosing, and scotia. The newels are built up as shown at (a) in Fig. 28, slip-tongues being inserted into grooves in the sides, and the whole being properly glued and blocked. The blocks are glued first to the two narrow sides of the newel and when dry are planed square with the edge of these pieces. The whole is then heated in the hot box, and blocks, edges, and slip-tongues are glued and brought together with handscrews.

Newel Stairways 41

Fig. 27.

Newel Stairways 42

Fig. 28.