128. Tew Tree

Tew Tree. The ground color, in this case, is raw umber, mixed with white lead; the graining color, Vandyke brown and burnt sienna, in equal parts, all ground in beer, with a small quantity of raw sienna added. The knots and other markings are to be worked in with the graining color, when that, previously laid on, has become thoroughly dry. Another ground color is a mixture of white, yellow ocher, and Venetian red, while the graining color is Vandyke brown and burnt sienna in beer, with a small quantity of raw sienna.

129. With a view to aiding the grainer and marbler, graining and marbling rollers have been introduced. They consist of cylinders, fixed in frames, by means of which the pattern engraved on the rollers is repeated. They are, no doubt, efficient in certain classes of work, but their use does not come within the scope of this section.