158. The waste water and urine from stables, etc. may be conducted away by gutters sunk in the floor. These gutters are usually made of cast iron and are covered by perforated plates, which can be readily lifted off for cleaning purposes. The entire floor surface should be graded, so as to drain into them. The gutter a may be laid with an inclination of about 1 inch in 10 feet, and should empty into a surface trap and catch basin b, as shown in Fig. 59. The solid matter will accumulate in the bottom as shown, and may be removed by lifting off the perforated covers c and d. Straw and such matter as might pass through the floor gratings is likely to be intercepted by the cover d. A tap screw should be provided at e, through which rods may be inserted in case the pipe f becomes choked.

Stable Drainage 64

Fig. 59.

The clean waste water from the hydrants or drinking troughs should, if possible, empty into the floor gutters at their highest ends, so as to flush and cleanse them.