When a shingle roof terminates under a deck roof covered with tin or copper, the best method of finishing the edge of the deck roof is by means of a galvanized iron or copper moulding, extending on to the shingle roof as shown in Fig. 173, the tin or copper roofing being locked and soldered to the top of the moulding. A wooden crown moulding may be used in place of the metal moulding, the roofing extending over the top, but it does not make as good a job as the metal mould.

If a railing or cresting of any kind is to be put around the edge of a deck, or tinned roof, it should be secured to the roof by nailing blocks of wood of the proper size to receive the uprights over the tin or copper roofing, and then covering the blocks with tin or copper, soldered to the roofing. The uprights may then be screwed to the wooden blocks by brass screws.

The angle formed in a gambrel roof is generally finished as shown in Fig. 174, a small moulding being used, as it is not intended to be conspicuous.