If the cost of the stonework must be considered, the architect should ascertain from some reliable local stone dealer the most economical size for the kind of stone he intends to use, and lay out his work accordingly.

Trimmings. - If the stonework consists merely of trimmings for a brick building, the architect or his draughtsman must first ascertain the exact measurement of the bricks as laid in the wall, and the stone should be figured so as to exactly fit in with the brickwork, otherwise the bricks will have to be split where they come against the stone, thereby greatly marring the looks of the building. Bond stones and belt courses built into a pier must conform exactly to the size of the pier. As it is seldom that the bricks from any two yards are of exactly the same size, the exact size of the bricks that are to be used must be taken, as even a variation of inch often makes bad work.

Fig. 90.   Rusticated Joints.

Fig. 90. - Rusticated Joints.