For the convenience of draughtsmen when designing furniture or providing space for a special article, the following dimensions, furnished by Mr. Alvin C. Nye, are given :*

Chairs and Seats. - The average figures taken from a variety of good chairs are : Height of the seat above the floor, 18 inches; depth of the seat, 19 inches ; the top of the back above the floor, 38 inches. Usually the seat increases in depth as it decreases in height, while the back is higher and slopes more. Twenty inches inside is a comfortable depth for a seat of moderate size. Chair arms are about 9 inches above the seat. The slope of the back should not be more than one-fifth the depth of the seat. A lounge is 6 feet long and about 30 inches wide.

Tables vary in shape and size almost as much as chairs. Writing and dining tables are made 2 feet 5 inches high, and the species of sideboard called a carving table is made 3 feet high to the principal shelf, but tables for general use are 2 feet 6 inches high.

Fig. 322.

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Fig, 323.

Dining tables are made to extend from 12 to 16 feet by means of slides within the frame. This frame should not be so deep as to interfere with the knees of any one sitting at the table ; that is, there must be about 2 feet clear space between it and the floor.

The smallest size practicable for the knee-holes of desks and library tables is 2 feet high by 1 foot 8 inches wide. The width to be increased as much as possible.

Bedsteads are classed as single, three-quarters and double. A single bed is 3 feet to 4 feet wide inside ; a three-quarter bed, 4 feet to 4 feet 6 inches ; a double bed, 5 feet. All bedsteads are 6 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 8 inches long inside. Footboards are from 2 feet 6 inches to 3 feet 6 inches, and headboards from 5 feet to 6 feet 6 inches high.

Bureaus vary in shape and size to such an extent that is impossible to say that any dimension is fixed.

Convenient sizes are : 3 feet 5 inches wide, body, 1 foot 6 inches deep, 2 feet 6 inches high ; or 4 feet wide, body, 1 foot 8 inches deep, 3 feet high.

Commodes are 1 foot 6 inches square on the top, and 2 feet 6 inches high.

Chiffoniers are 3 feet wide, 1 foot 8 inches deep, 4 feet 4 inches high.

Cheval glasses are made, if large, 6 feet 4 inches high, 3 feet 2 inches wide. If small, 5 feet high, 1 foot 8 inches wide. If medium, 5 feet 6 inches high, 2 feet wide.

Washstands of large sizes are 3 feet long, 1 foot 6 inches wide, and 2 feet 7 inches high. Small sizes are 2 feet 8 inches long.

Wardrobes may be 8 feet high, 2 feet deep, and 4 feet 6 inches wide. Or, 6 feet 9 inches high, 1 foot 5 inches deep, 3 feet wide.

Sideboards may be 5 feet to 6 feet long, and about 2 feet 2 inches deep.

Upright pianos vary from 4 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 6 inches in length ; from 4 feet to 4 feet 9 inches in height, and are about 2 feet 4 inches deep, over all.

Square pianos are about 6 feet 8 inches long by 3 feet 4 inches deep.