The usual trimmings for inside shutters are the hinges, shutter bar and knob. The outer or hanging fold may be hung with narrow blind butts (2x1 inches) similar to the one in Fig. 408, but usually with three screws to a side and five knuckles. If it is necessary to throw the shutters out to clear the finish, parliament butts, Fig. 437 should be used. These come in widths of 2, 3, 3 and 4 inches. For hanging the folds to each other, 1 or 1 -inch surface hinges, similar to that shown in Fig. 438, are generally used.

When the shutters are divided into six folds, three to a side, the second fold should be hung with "three-fold shutter flaps" (Fig. 439), applied to the inside face of the shutters, as shown in Fig. 250.

The usual method of fastening shutters at the centre is by shutter bars of the general pattern shown in Fig. 440. These bars are made reversible so that they can be used for either hand. To pull the shutters from the pocket, a small knob of porcelain or bronze should be placed on the outer face of the hanging fold. Special "shutter knobs " are made for this purpose, and in diameters of 7/8, 1 and 1 1/8 inches. Sets of ornamental hardware usually contain shutter bars and knobs to match, and they are susceptible of very ornamental treatment.