In many of the very Northern States it is a quite general custom to place a single storm sash or outside window over the whole window opening to keep out the cold during the winter months.

In many cases the storm sash is permanently secured to the window frames by screws, the sash being put up in the fall and taken down in the spring. The use of screws, however, involves considerable labor and leaves unsightly holes in the outside casings, so that it is desirable to use some fastening that will enable the sash to be quickly and easily put up, and that will not look bad on the bouse.

Fig. 449  Moore's Storm Window Fastener.

Fig. 449 -Moore's Storm Window Fastener.

The simplest fastening that the author has seen is the one shown in Fig. 449, which is fastened to the inside of the storm sash while the hook slips over the shank of a round headed blued screw, placed in the edge of the outside casing or blind stop. The wedge shape of the book enables the storm sash to be brought tight against the casing, and also facilitates putting up and removing the sash. Two of these fastenings should be used on each side of the sash.

Fig. 450 shows another simple device for fastening storm sash or outside screens. The "but" ton" is screwed to the inside face of the storm sash, and when turned the outer end fits into a mortise in the edge of the casing, which is covered with a brass plate. The plate has a spring lap bent into the mortise, which keeps the button in position. The window may be hung at one side with loose joint butts (which should have a short thick pin, fitting rather loosely), with one of these buttons used on the other side, or two buttons may be used on each side. The buttons are made in cast iron, copper finish with brass plate, and in bronze metal with

Fig. 450  Willer Storm Sash Fastner

Fig. 450 -Willer Storm Sash Fastner

Flush Cupboard Catch

Flush Cupboard Catch brass plate, the bronze being preferable. Where outside screens covering the entire window are used, this button may be used on both the screen and storm sash, the buttons being adjusted to the same socket plates.

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Fig. 451.