Unfortunately the cost of finished hardware, like nearly everything else that goes into a building, must generally be considered by the architect in preparing his specifications. It should be remembered, however, that the cheapest hardware is not as a rule, the most economical, and very seldom gives satisfaction. Extra finishes, of course, are merely for ornament, but the difference between cast iron and bronze, or between cast iron and steel, is not one of appearance and expense only, but of toughness and durability, and often in the wear and working of the article. Trimmings of an inferior quality should be avoided as far as possible, and as a matter of fact, the saving between a fairly good article and an inferior one amounts to a very small sum for an ordinary residence.

For convenience in making an approximate estimate of the hardware trimmings, and for comparison between the different grades of goods, prices for the more common of plain trimmings are given below. When it comes to ornamental trimmings the variation in ornamentation and finish are so great that it would require a small book to cover them.

These prices are intended to represent about what the contractor has to pay, and not the retail price. The discounts from manufacturers price lists vary to such an extent, and are often so complicated, that as a rule the catalogue price gives little idea of the actual cost.

Cost of Butts and Hinges. Per Pair.

4x4 cast iron butts, ball tipped, japanned finish, 20 cents. 4x4 cast iron butts, ball tipped, bronze-plated, 35 cents; same with steel washers, 40 cents.

5x5 cast iron butts, ball tipped, japanned finish, 27 cents; same bronze-plated, 55 cents; with steel washers, 60 cents.

4x4 Stanley steel butts, ball tipped, japanned finish, 25 cents; same bronze-plated and planished, 30 cents; same bronze plated and polished, 40 cents; same Bower-Barffed, 60 cents; with steel washers add 25 cents for loose-pin butts, and 5 cents for loose-joint butts.

4x4 Stanley loose-pin butts, raised ornamentation, old copper sand finish, 70 cents.

4 x4 Stanley steel butts, ball tipped, japanned finish, 30 cents; same bronze-plated and polished, 50 cents.

For Stanley ball-bearing butts, add 50 cents for 4x4 loose-pin butts, and 35 cents for 4x4 loose-joint butts; and 60 cents, and 40-cents respectively for 4x4 and larger butts.

5x5 Stanley steel butts, loose-pin, polished and bronzed, 65 cents; loose-joint butts with steel washers, 5 cents extra. .

2x2 light loose-pin butts, solid bronze, 25 cents.

Two or 2-inch wrought narrow butts, coppered, 7 cents; same in solid brass or bronze, ball tipped, 25 cents.

Double-action spring butts, for 2 feet 6 inches by 7 feet by 1 3/8-inch door, japanned finish, $2.50; plain bronze, $5.00.

By using one blank, 50 cents may be saved with japanned finish, and $1.00 in plain bronze.

Bommer double-action hinges (no blanks), $2.60, japanned; $7.00 in bronze.

Inside Door Locks (without trimmings)*

3-inch mortise cast knob lock, cheapest one-lever, bronze face and bolt, 25 cents.

Sargent's best one-lever, cast lock, 4-inch, with steel levers, fifty changes, 60 cents.

Sargent three-lever, 4-inch, bronze face and bolt, steel levers, 66 cents.

Sargent three-bolt chamber door lock, one-lever, bronze face and bolts, 95 cents.

Junior lock, one lever, 3-inch, 23 cents; Vulcan lock, 3-inch, three levers, 66 cents; Vulcan lock, 4-inch, 75 cents; Vulcan three-bolt chamber door lock, $1.45; Vulcan communicating door latch

(Fig. 383), $1-33.

Hotel lever locks, master keyed, cost from $1.25 to $4.00 each; cylinder escutcheon hotel locks, master keyed, from $3.25 to $5.00 each.

* All locks in this list have bronze face and bolts.

Master keying of lever or tumbler locks costs from $1.50 to $3.00 per dozen locks, over the same locks not master keyed.

Front Door Locks with Trimmings. Single Door.

A good three-lever front door lock, swivel spindle and ornamental wrought bronze trimmings, may be bought for $2.95 complete. Vestibule latch and trimmings to match, $2.70.

The best lever front door locks with heavy plain cast bronze trim mings, cost about $5.75. Complete vestibule latch and trimmings tomatch, $4.00.

Cheapest cylinder escutcheon, front door lock with wrought bronze trimmings, $5.25 complete; vestibule latch and trimmings to match, $4.60.

Columbia or Harvard front door lock, best quality, with neat ornamental bronze trimmings, $6.75; vestibule latch and trimmings to-match, $5.00.'

Yale Paracentric front door lock, with plain bronze trimmings $7.80; vestibule latch and trimmings to match, $7.00.

Store Door Locks. Plain Front.

Good three-lever store door lock with heavy figured bronze-plated latch, handles and plates, $1.80; same with heavy bronze trimmings, $3.50.

Cylinder escutcheon store door locks with heavy bronze latch and plates, from $5.00 to $6.80 a set; same with stop work in the lock, from $7.00 to $8.80.

Rebated front locks cost about 12 per cent. more than the plain front locks.

Night Latches and Office Locks.

The cheapest cylinder escutcheon rim night latch, japanned finish. costs about 80 cents.

Columbia rim night latch, japanned case, bronze bolt and turn knob, $1.20; same in all bronze, $1.65.

Yale rim night latch, No. 22, japanned case, 90 cents.

Yale Paracentric rim night latch (screwless), No. 42, case oxidized copper, bronze knob and cylinder, $1.50.

Mortise night latches, all exposed parts bronze, Harvard or Columbia, about $1.90; Yale Paracentric, No. 66, $2.10.

Columbia master keyed office door latches, with automatic lock to> latch, $5.00.

Yale Paracentric mortise office latch, not master keyed, $3.70; master keyed surety system, $4.20; same with duplex master key system, $4.25.

Knobs, Roses and Escutcheons.

The best jet knobs, with figured bronze roses and keyhole plates, or with 1 5/8X5-inch escutcheon plates, cost about 35 cents per door.

Figured bronze knobs with 1 5/8x5-inch escutcheon plates, cost about 60 cents per door, and common spun bronze knobs with plain wrought escutcheon plates, can be bought for the same price. A cheap, but rather pretty pressed knob and escutcheons in old copper, sand finish, can be bought for about 60 cents per door.

The Yale spun bronze knobs, natural finish, triplex spindle and 5 1/8x1 -inch escutcheon plates cost about 55 cents per door.

A plain flattened round knob (Fig. 3962?), with a good rounded edge escutcheon plate can be bought for 90 cents per door in plain bronze or in iron Bower-Barffed. The same shape in Yale knob with triplex spindle (Fig. 396 A), and 6x2 1/8-inch beveled edge escutcheon plate costs $1.40 per door* in natural bronze.

The above figures are for 2 -inch knobs, and escutcheon plates for 3-inch locks. Escutcheon plates for larger locks cost a little more.

Common glass knobs with bronze roses and keyhole plates cost about 75 cents per door, and a good wooden knob about the same price.

Yale cut glass knobs with bronze roses and keyhole plates, cost from $2.85 to $9.50 a door, according to amount of cutting.

Bolts, Transom Lifters and Door Checks.

Flush bolts, 12-inch, bronze metal front and bolt, 70 cents; 12-inch, bronze metal with lever, (Fig. 405), $2.50; 12-inch, Stanley, bronze-plated (Fig. 406), 90 cents.

Extension bolts, bronze metal, T -handle, 24-inch, 85 cents; bronze metal with lever (Fig. 405),$1.60; Stanley bronze-plated, with knob, 70 cents.

Chain and foot bolts for store doors cost about 50 cents each in cast iron, imitation bronze; 65 cents in japanned steel, and $1.00 in bronze metal.

Transom lifters, 3 feet, coppered (not plated), 30 cents; bronze-plated, 45 cents; Bower-Barffed, $1.25.

Pneumatic or liquid door checks with springs, for 3x7 feet by 1 -inch door, cost about $5.00.

Window Trimmings. Sash fasts of the cam or Fitch pattern cost about 15 cents each in.

* This is the knob used as a base for the figures on Plate II.

iron; 18 cents in wrought bronze metal, and 25 to 30 cents in cast bronze, natural finish.

Ventilating sash bolts, bronze metal, cost about 25 cents each.

Sash lifts of the hook pattern, cost from 3 to 10 cents each in bronze metal; a very good lift can be obtained for 8 cents. The hook sash lift and lock costs about 30 cents in bronze.

Flush sash lifts cost from 4 to 30 cents in plain bronze, the cheaper being of wrought metal.

Sash sockets, plain bronze, cost about 30 cents a dozen; a bronze-plated hook, 20 cents, and a solid bronze hook, 35 cents.

Window stop adjusters cost about 14 cents a dozen in blued steel, and 18 cents in plain solid bronze.

Sash adjusters, real bronze, 18 inches, 3/8-inch round rod, $1.50; lighter pattern, plated, 50 cents.


Clothes hooks, wire, japanned, 12 cents a dozen; double, cast iron, japanned, 25 cents a dozen; cast bronze, $1.75 to $2.00 a dozen.

Coat and hat hooks, tall, plated, about $2.00 a dozen; real bronze, about $10.00 a dozen.

Letter plates for outside doors, Berlin bronze, 25 cents; solid bronze, 60 cents to $1.00.

Cupboard catches, real bronze, flush, 30 cents; rim, 18 cents.

Cupboard turns, 1 -inch, plated, 18 cents; real bronze, 30 cents; 2 1/8-inch, real bronze, 35 cents.