Piazza Roof, - Cover the piazza roof with Merchant's or Taylor's Old Style IC. tin, sheets 14x20 inches in size. The tin to be laid over one thickness of dry felt, with joints locked and soldered in the best manner and secured to the roof by three tin cleats to each sheet; rosin only to be used as a flux for soldering. Carry the tin 4 inches up on the sheathing under the siding (or shingles) and over the edge of the crown mould of cornice and secure by galvanized wire nails.

Turn the tin up 4 inches around all balcony posts, soldering at the angles, and make the roof tight in every place.

Gutter. - Line the gutter on the roof with IX. tin (20) inches wide, with end joints locked and soldered. The tin to be turned over the edge of standing strip and secured every (4 inches) with galvanized wire nails.

Hanging Gutter. - Put a 5-inch half-round galvanized iron gutter under eaves of rear porch, supported every 3 feet by Berger hangers screwed to the facia and adjusted to give a fall of (1 inch) to the gutter.

Conductors. - Furnish and put up where shown on elevation drawings (five) galvanized iron conductors from gutter on main roof, two from the ell, two from front porch and one from rear porch.

Those from main roof to be corrugated 3 1/8x4 inches in size, with ornamental heads, made according to elevation and detail drawings. Those from ell roof to be (3 ) inch round pipe, without heads, and those from porch and piazza to be 2 inches in diameter

All to be secured to the wall by galvanized iron hooks, or clamps, so that they will stand clear from all mouldings and to be properly connected with the gutter. Conductors to terminate with a (3-inch) offset, 6 inches above grade (or to be connected with drain).

Cover the openings in the gutters with galvanized wire baskets.

The tinner is also to furnish (and put on) the flashing as specified above. All tin for roofs to be painted on under side, and all tin flashing valleys, gutters, etc., to be painted both sides by the tinner before putting up with red lead and linseed oil paint.

Guarantee. - The carpenter is to give the owner a written guarantee to keep all roofs and gutters tight for (one) year from date of completion free of charge.

[For wooden conductors and lead goose necks, see Section 116.]