Make bulkhead entrance to cellar with plank steps on plank carriages, 16 inches on centres, all planed ; no risers.

Cover the brick (or stone) walls with a strong plank frame bolted to the brickwork by two {-inch bolts 20 inches long on each side. Cover the frame with wide pine (cypress, redwood) boards, with 6-inch casing on sides. Construct double doors of 1x4-inch matched pine boards, secured with 1 1/8x6-inch beveled cross pieces screwed on the under side. The meeting joint to be battened and the bulkhead rendered water tight. Form a water way at the top, cover with tin and groove the edges of the frame next the doors, to catch the water entering at the joints. [See Section 108.]

Hang the doors with 8-inch heavy strap hinges bolted to the door and screwed to the frame, and provided with pivoted hard wood bar fastening.

[A single door may be secured by hook and staples.]