Make all window frames in accordance with the scale and detail drawings. All to be made of clear white pine (except pulley stiles and parting strips, which are to be of clear yellow pine).

Cellar Windows. - All windows in basement are to have 1 -inch rebated frames and sills, with I {-inch moulded staff bead. Frames to be rebated on the outer edge for screens. The frames on sides and rear to have {-inch round vertical bars, from 3 to 4 inches on centres, let into head and sill. Frames to be fitted with 1 3/8-inch pine sashes, divided into lights as shown and glazed with first quality single strength glass. Sashes to be hinged at the top, fitted with hooks and staples to keep them open, and strong japanned iron button fastenings (bolts or slip latches).

Make frame only for cold-air opening and cover with heavy galvanized wire netting with {-inch mesh, nailed securely on outside of frame.

Grilles. - Furnish and fix in the front cellar window frames (with No. 14 screws) ornamental wrought iron grilles, made in the best manner in accordance with the detail drawings.

Casement Windows. - All casement, French and stationary sash frames are to have 1 -inch rebated jambs and 1 -inch sills, ploughed as per full-size section. The outer edge of frames to set flush with the sheathing and to have 1 1/8x5 -inch casings and x2-inch band mould.

The sash in small window in coat closet to be screwed in tight, the others to be hung at the sides to swing in.

Double-Hung Windows. - All other windows throughout the house are to have frames made for double-hung sash, with 7/8-inch hard pine pulley stiles, 7/8x-inch parting strips, -inch ground casings, 1 3/8-inch yoke and 1 -inch sills, pitching 1 inch and ploughed for shingles or clapboards, as required.

The pulley stiles to be tongued into outside casings and fitted with pockets to give access to the weights. The windows to be cased on the outside (over the sheathing) with 1 1/8 x5 -inch pine casings, with x2 -inch band mould planted on. The windows in first story to have 10-inch frieze board above the band mould, with moulded cornice, with one row of dentiles, as per full-size detail. Flash over the top of all casings with strips of tin (zinc) 3 inches wide.

All frames for double-hung sashes are to have {-inch wood pendulums, hung from the yoke between the weights.

Box Heads. - The frames in [specify where] are to have box heads with the pulley stiles extending to the top. The sashes are to slide into the head with a follower.