All sashes above the cellar are to be custom made of clear well-seasoned white pine (cypress), glued and wedged in the best manner, and divided into lights as shown on the elevation drawings. All sash in first and second story windows of main house to be 1 inches thick. All others to be 13/8 (1 ) inches thick

The sash for French windows to have astragal mouldings on the meeting stiles and a bead on the jamb stiles to fit into the jamb, as per full-size sections; bottom rail to be 5 inches wide.

Paneled Doors Below Sash. - The windows opening on to front balcony are to have two paneled doors below the lower sash, with a rebated joint in the centre and with a tongue on the top. The lower sash is to be grooved to fit over the tongue and both sashes are to slide up into a box head.

Storm Sashes. - Provide outside sashes for all exterior windows in north and west elevations, made of clear, well-seasoned white pine (cypress), divided into four lights packed with listing around the edges and secured to the frame on the inside with (Willer's storm sash buttons, coppered finish) four to a window.

All storm sash are to be glazed with first quality double-strength glass, and are to be fitted and marked complete by the contractor and stored where directed.

Priming. - All sashes to be primed on both sides by the contractor before being brought to the building. Sashes (or rooms which are to have a natural wood finish must be primed inside with pure boiled linseed oil.