Provide and hang outside blinds for (all) windows above the basement. To be made of first quality white pine, 1 1/8 inches thick, with rolling slats (in the lower half only). Blinds for all windows 4 feet wide and over to be divided in four folds ; all others to be in two folds.

All four-fold blinds to be hung with wrought iron L hinges and fastened with Hyde's Patent Gravity Lock Blind Fasts. Blinds in two folds to be hung with Stanley Gravity Blind Hinges, No. 1647, and fitted with Stanley Wire Blind Fasts.

[For blind hinges and fasts, see Sections 247 and 248.]

All blinds are to be marked and a corresponding mark is to be put on the frames.

288. - Outside Door Frames - All outside door frames to be made from clear pine stock 1 inches thick, rebated and beaded on the inner edge, and with 1 -inch moulded pine (oak) thresholds. All to be set plumb and square.

Case the frames on the outside over the sheathing with 1 1/8x5-inch pine casings, back band, cornice, etc., to correspond with windows. The front entrance to have side lights and transom, fluted mullions with cap and base, and moulded transom bar with dentils. Side lights and transom sash to be (stationary) 1 3/8 inches thick, divided into lights as shown, and glazed with 26-ounce crystal sheet glass.

Finish under the side lights with 1 3/8-inch sills and panel work inside and out. The frame and sashes to be veneered on the inside with kiln dried, quarter-sawed white oak, and the panels to be of oak.

All to be worked and put together in the best manner, and in strict accordance with the detail drawings. The oak veneering of frame to be filled and shellaced by the carpenter before bringing to the building.