Lay an under floor throughout the first and second stories of good hemlock, (spruce, native pine) boards, surfaced one side and nailed to every bearing with two 8d. nails.

The boards to be laid diagonally on the beams in first story of main house, and at right angles elsewhere. All end joints to be cut over a beam in every case, and suitable nailing pieces to be cut between the joists at the side walls for the diagonal flooring. The flooring must be run closely around all studs and up to the sheathing outside.

Lay a single floor in finished portions of attic of (4-inch) clear Texas (spruce) flooring, matched and blind nailed, and tightly strained, with heading joints cut over a bearing in every case.

Smooth off all ridges due to uneven thickness of the boards as soon as the floor is laid.

29I. - Grounds and Furring. - Put on grounds for 7/8-inch (-inch) plastering around all door and windows openings, and for bases, wainscoting, wood cornice, etc., as directed; two grounds behind the base.

Put up 7/8-inch wood corner beads on all projecting corners, stuck as per marginal sketch (Fig. 193B), or, put Empire steel corner plates on all projecting angles, set true and plumb and well secured.

Cross-fur all ceilings, including basement ceiling with Ix2-inch strips, set 12 inches (16 inches) on centres. Cross-fur rafters in finished attic rooms diagonally with strips 12 inches on centres; fur out attic outside walls with studding to give (4-inch) vertical height, and fur down attic ceiling to (9 feet) clear height.

Fur for arches, cornices, ceiling beams, etc., as required by the scale drawings and full-size sections.

Fur for a plaster cove in parlor, and front chamber with brackets cut out of 1 -inch boards, set 16 inches on centres.

Fur all chimney-breasts with 2X4-inch studs, set flatways, I inch clear of the brickwork and 16 inches on centres.

Fur outside stone walls of (laundry) with 2x4-inch studs, set flatways, and 16 inches on centres.

All furrings, grounds and angle beads to be perfectly strong, true and plumb.