The contractor is to temporarily enclose the building as soon as it is ready for lathing, furnishing and hanging temporary doors with locks and covering the windows with muslin, boards or temporary sash - at least one-half of the openings to be closed with muslin.

No permanent sash to be set in the windows (except in unfinished attic) until the plastering is dry.

The foregoing specification is intended to cover all work required to complete the building on the outside ready for the painter, and to prepare it on the inside for the lather, with the exception of the rough work for the stairs. Occasionally this much of the work is let by itself, the finishing of the building being let under another contract.

Specifications for the Carpenters' Work of a brick dwelling, with steep roof in front, flat roof behind, both stopped by fire walls at the sides; copper cornice, copper bay window in second story, brick, stone and tiled front porch without roof.

Specifications to be preceded by the general conditions.

294. - Privy

Build a temporary privy at rear of lot as soon as building operations are commenced, remove on completion (clean out) and fill up with earth, neatly leveled off.