Bolt a 4x10-inch plate in two thicknesses, breaking joint on top of front wall, with 7/8-inch bolts, 30 inches long, built into the brick work by the mason, and spaced not over 6 feet apart.

Frame the pitch roof in front with 2x8-inch rafters, spiked to the wall plate, and with a 2x14 inch hard pine ridge in one length. Frame for dormer openings with 4x8-inch rafter on each side, and 4x10-inch header above the opening, 8 feet above the third floor.

Frame the flat roof with 2x8-inch joists, built into fire walls, and carry up the partitions running lengthways of the building to support them. Rafters to be trussed from ceiling joists as above specified. Frame for scuttle and skylight openings as in the floors.

Bolt a 2xl0-inch plate on top of rear wall, the top flush with the top of roof joists, with {-inch bolts, 24 inches long and not over 6 feet apart.

Dormers. - Frame for dormers with 2x4-inch studding, 4x4-inch corner posts, 4x4-inch plate, double and breaking joint, and 2x6-inch rafters, all 16 inches on centres. The studding at sides of dormers to be notched 1 inch over the rafters and securely spiked.